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Water Damage Indian Trail

Water Damage Indian Trail Trailer911 Restoration Charlotte has one goal in mind and that is bringing you peace of mind after a water damage incident.

That is our fresh start guarantee, and it is an attitude that is made evident from the moment you call us.

A home accident can shake your psyche, and in order to bring you a renewed tomorrow, then you need to receive high quality restoration and a superb customer experience.

The water damage Indian Trail team understands what you are going through. We see it every day, and it has happened to us too.

The one thing we will promise you is that things will get better. Whatever water related incident you have gone through does not need to be permanent, so allow us to come service your home.

Call us whenever you have a concern because you get aid that is:

  • available 24/7/365
  • Offers same-day service
  • And will be at your door within 45-minutes

You can contact us either online or through our support page. One of our expert customer service representatives can connect you with a project manager quickly, so that you can get back on your feet faster.

When You May Have Water Damage

Crumbling Sheetrock due to Water DamageThe common effects of water damage may be hidden behind sheet rock, walls, or in the dark corners of your home.

These signs may remain hidden until they become superficial, in which they will manifest on ceilings, floors, and other surfaces.

The tales range depending on the situation. Some accidents are quite self-evident, such as in the case of sewage backup. Others are bit more surreptitious due to water damage occurring behind a wall.

To elaborate, as trapped water begins to dissipate it expands, and upon hitting surfaces it condenses out and the cycle continues until it is absorbed into material or finds a way out. During this time, the signs will begin showing.

For example, bubbling paint is a sign that there is some evaporation taking place. The paint begins to swell and the it will begin to chip off. A more severe signal that accompanies this phenomenon is when sheet rock begins to crumble.

The material is porous, so when water infiltrates it, then the structural integrity of the matrix falls apart.

The scenario above exemplifies the effects of water on a single wall. It compounds and will be more damaging to larger areas of the home. Every square inch of your home is susceptible to water damage, including keystones like load bearing structures.

Taking care of water damage fast, lessens that amount of damage done. This is why we have such a fast response time, and it is another reason you should contact our water damage Indian Trail team.

Mold Smell Signifies Something

Another effect of water damage is a mold infestation. See, moisture allows microbes such as bacteria and mold spores to begin festering. Once this starts the homeowner may become alerted to it before they get see it through a pungent odor.

Most people would describe the smell of a fungal infection as a sort of dirty towel type smell. The reason you may smell it before seeing it is due to the manner in which a mold colony functions. Spores are picked up by the gentlest of breezes, and they get kicked around in the air until they reach your olfactory nerves.

Of course, mold is one of many reasons why a house develops unwelcoming odors. When bacteria grow and metabolize the byproduct of molds, they release gaseous waste. Fixing the source of water damage will put an end to the odor.

Now, ignoring an odor might seem like it is effective, but that is only because the human nose becomes accustomed to smells. On top of that, you may not notice an anything until the seasons change. The summer heat waves may cause the smells to permeate due to the increased activities of air molecules that heat brings.

If at any point any of these symptoms resonate with you, then call 911 Restoration for the services of the expert water damage Indian Trail team.

The Water Restoration Process

A lot of homeowners are curious as to the extent of the restoration process and what it includes. Now, disaster range from big to small, so this section is aimed to the general steps that take place. Also, we will be answering some common questions homeowners have, as well.

Evacuation: When Water Damage Displaces Homeowners:

Displacement from homes as a result of water damage varies on the type of damage and the extent of it effecting your home. For example, in the event of a flood that levels your kitchen, bathroom, and living room, then yes, you would have to leave for a short stint. The reason for having to vacate your home is that this type of remediation would require a complete renovation.

Some incidents are more dangerous to you than your home like sewage backup. Your home will not get sick from bacteria, but you might. So in an event like this you would have to relocate while your home gets restored. Most homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of temporary housing. This usually includes living expenses for a hotel room and a food allowance.

However, if the area was contained to either outdoors, a single room, or even just your living room, then you can still live at home. Somethings like the use of the kitchen or a particular bathroom can become inaccessible, in which case we would urge the homeowner to find other living arrangements in the meanwhile.

D.I.Y Restoration:

Disaster Restoration Charlotte Team ReadyA homeowner may be tempted to restore the home themselves, and sometimes they can achieve that with some proper equipment. In the age of YouTube and Google, a lot of information that was once previously discreet is now available.

For example, if you needed to fix a pipe leak to your toilet, then all you need is a new connection, Teflon, and the properly sized wrenches to swap it out. But if you needed to replace an entire room’s worth of drywall, then that takes a bit more experience that an online guide cannot provide you.

Moreover, the finishing touches to a job, like anti-mold treatment requires the handling of a caustic spray that only our technicians know how to use.

For this reasons we recommend calling 911 Restoration because our technicians have under gone the certification processes and training that water damage restoration demands. These techniques combined with 35 years of hands-on restoration means you get the best services in the industry.

For example, knowing how to deal with excess moisture and humidity requires more than knowing what switches to flip. Every disaster accident is specific, and each plan is situational. The conditions in which we work through dictates what needs to be accomplished first.

The fundamentals of restoration are all the same, and require the same tools. It is application that differs and begs for all the difference. And the experience we have are the details that separate a good enough job from a restoration job that you can rely on.

Which is why we have become IICRC certified in order to tackle the toughest problems you may be facing, so pick up the phone and call 911 Restoration.

 What is the IICRC?

The IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. They are an international non-profit that aims to set restoration companies to the highest standard, as to ensure homeowners and businesses that they receive the upmost care.

Most states and countries have no regulations when it comes to this sort of industry, therefore, this as it close as it gets to guarantee homeowners that the job will be done properly. The certificates we have earned from them is how we keep our promise to you that things are going to get better.

Water damage is inclusive of a lot of home accidents. Things like fire, storms, and earthquakes can all bring unwanted water into your residents. Knowing how to remove and restore the remnants of these disasters is something only a skilled team, like 911 Restoration, can do. Sure, you can go out and buy, or rent, your own equipment. But these accidents are tricky and require the keen eye of our professionals.

The water Damage Indian Trail team knows how to operate the most sophisticated and nuanced materials home accidents require. Everything from wet vacuums that get pooling water out to dehumidifiers are items we arrive with and that we will use to maximize every second we spend at a job. To elaborate, a good water repair team, like 911 Restoration, always implements dehumidification.

How Lowering Humidity Increases Dry-out Time

Water Damage Indian Trail Technician Dehumidification is a technique used to increase the rate at which evaporation takes place, thus it increases drying-out time by a huge margin. The method does use a dehumidifier, but it also requires a vapor barrier and blowers to get the job done effectively.

See, the aim of this process is to pull water vapor from the air, so that the soaked material permeates more moisture into the air—effectively making the room into a sponge that is constantly being ringed out.

This could be done with extreme heat, but that can ruin your home. So we have to achieve the same result with keeping the temperature of your home within a safe range.

Therefore, the vapor barrier decreases the container, which means we do not have to calculate for the entire room when figuring out how much air to run. Then we set up a dehumidifier with blowers to get ventilation moving. The more air we move around, and the more of it we can get pass into the machine, means the lower the ambient humidity to the space becomes.

These types of equipment are noisy, but do not worry about the energy they consume. They do not amount to much of a difference on your utility bill. Although, the electric bill is the least of the concerns that homeowner’s typically have, as sometimes they wonder if these tools can be turned off at night.

We advise against it, as turning them off when you sleep amounts to about 8 hours of drying time that you lose. On top of that constant air circulation is pivotal in preventing mold and ensuring that you can breathe easy. Furthermore, the drying power of the sun is not available at night, so it is important that these machines remain running.

Water damage gets tricky fast, which is why you need a team that can solve problems and implement solutions. For a speedy recovery that is reliable, call 911 Restoration Charlotte.

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