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What Is Hydro Jetting? Is There Risk of Water Damage?

Published by Allegra on November 30, 2021 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Hydro Jetting risksWhen you have slower drains and repeated blockages, it is easy to become frustrated. A clogged drain can cause complications for showering and toilet flushes and safety problems in the event of a sewage backup. These issues might get resolved on their own, but they don’t, which brings us to call a professional who can handle the situation. But before we do that, it’s essential to learn about your plumbing system, issues, possible solutions, and alternatives so that no one can mislead you.

If you have recurring difficult clogs that don’t seem to go away, you’ve probably turned to the internet in quest of a suitable remedy. High-pressure water jetting is probably your best alternative if the plumbing issue is in the main drain or sewage line. So, what exactly is hydro jetting? Can hydro jetting damage pipes? How effective is hydro jetting?

Many individuals are unaware of the term “hydro jet,” therefore our purpose is to educate you. Gear up as we go over everything you need to learn about sewer jetting, commonly known as hydro jet cleaning.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting refers to a procedure that uses pressured water to clean pipelines. Using specialized hydro jetting equipment, experts force high-pressure water into your pipes. This procedure cleans the inside of the pipe, clearing material that has caused a blockage or slowed flow. Hot water is frequently employed in situations of grease accumulation to increase the efficiency of eliminating the drain clog.

Before hydro jetting, most drain cleaning services relied on rodding, which included piercing the dirt with a tool such as a drill to free up the water flow. This is still a popular procedure, and it works with lesser blockages as well.

How Effective Is Hydro Jetting?

You might be thinking: “Is hydro jetting worth it?” Hydro jetting is far more effective in clearing accumulation in the pipeline and reducing the likelihood of repeated obstructions.

1.     It Has a Very Powerful Push

Hydro jetting can push up to 20 water gallons per minute (5000 pounds per square inch) through your sewage lines. Hydro jetting can handle a wide variety of substances. It can easily remove hair, minerals, tree roots, food, oil, and soapy residue.

Once a trained plumber has identified the best issue area for pumping water, they will attach a hose connected to a big water line or water tank. The plumber will choose a pressure level based on the kind and severity of your obstruction.

After that, the inner walls of your pipe will be clean as a whistle. Because most of the pipe from your house to the sewage line is angled downwards, the accumulated material creating the obstruction will drain away into the sewage system.

2.     It Is an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Treatment

While you may not know it, many pipe clearing technologies and plumbing practices are not environmentally friendly. Some people use chemical-based cleansers and potentially harmful items. What distinguishes a hydro jetting treatment is that it solely uses water to push out the accumulation from the plumbing lines.

3.     It Is Effective for a Wide Range of Plumbing Systems and Pipelines

Another rationale to prove how effective hydro jetting is is that we can use it for a variety of plumbing systems and solve business and home drainage issues. All plumbing service providers do not use cutting-edge equipment to clear a blocked pipe by utilizing the high pressure of water jetting.

Furthermore, a professional and competent hydro jetter technician can ensure that there is no possibility of imminent future blockage.

Are There Any Alternatives of Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting alternatives include the use of plumbing augers and snakes. These are still useful for small issues, although they are not as beneficial and powerful as hydro jetting. Furthermore, they often only temporarily remove the pipe obstruction rather than preventing future blockages.

They can also force trash further into the plumbing pipes, exacerbating an already terrible condition.

Can Hydro Jetting Damage Pipes?

When people get to know about the usage of high pressure to clear out the pipes, the first question they ask is: “Can hydro jetting damage pipes?” it is a very important question you should definitely ask the professional hydro jetter.

While hydro jetting is an excellent solution to push all sorts of residues from your pipes, however, there is a risk of pipe bursts and water damage if you use hydro jetting unprofessionally.

As mentioned above, hydro jetting is very powerful and can push up to 5000 PSI – using the wrong pressure can damage pipes and even pipe bursts which will eventually cause water damage.

Additionally, hydro jetting a pipe with a wider opening but a smaller ending can also cause pressure in the pipe and damage it. Pushing out pointy or bigger particles can also damage your pipes as they may hit the inner wall of your pipes while the water pushes them out.

You will then have to call a water damage restoration company like 911 Restoration of Charlotte to treat the issue. Using a much stronger pressure for old, weak, or smaller pipes can cost you a lot. That is why we recommend consulting a hydro jetting expert to assess the pipes and set the water pressure accordingly so that you can carry forward the process without any worries.

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