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Mold Removal Charlotte

Tim Crane, owner of 911 Restoration Charlotte, says, “mold can really slow a homeowner down. From the nauseating headaches to the worsening allergy symptoms it brings, mold can cause major impediment to any homeowner.”

Water Damage Restoration Technician In CrawlspaceThat is why he is proud to offer a sigh of relief to his tight knit community by offering mold remediation solutions from technicians available 24/7/365.

His mold removal Charlotte team has years of experience decontaminating homes from microorganisms and providing a fresh start to all those in need on one.

The fresh start is his guarantee that any problem needing home restoration is going to rest easy. The future will be free of mold and worries.

If you are in need of mold removal that is effective, thorough, and long lasting, then call 911 Restoration Charlotte for the best in the business.

Mold: The True Cause

Fungal infestations occur as quickly as 24 hours after a water damage incident. All mold spores need to go from inactive to full on colony is humidity and dead organic material, which makes the entirety of your home susceptible to mold damage.

Water Damage Restoraiton Vacuuming Attic“I think the most alarming thing about mold growth is that it can occur right under your nose. Whether it be from a leaking pipe underneath a cabinet, or a leak that allows water in between your walls,” explains Tim.

For these reasons, we recommend that every homeowner be on the lookout for potential unwanted water. The best places to check for this are parts of the home that hardly cross your mind to begin with.

The first place to check is the crawlspace. It is usually accessible next to the foundation of the home. A quick peak might not be enough, so it helps to have a moisture detector.

Water can end up in your crawl space either as a result of poor water drainage, i.e. gutters that do not move water away from the home, or from pipe that is not sealed all the way.

The next place to look for mold is an attic because a leaking roof during the winter could mean enough humidity is left during the summer that it can cause a major proliferation of mold.

If you find mold then call our mold removal Charlotte team at 911 Restoration.

The Long Lasting Mold Decontamination Solution

Mold decontamination is more than just removing mold. In order for it to be effective it needs to address the underlying cause such as water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Box Truck Parked At Residential Job LocationThis is why we are proud to be the all-inclusive solution to any mold problems you may be facing by being IICRC certified.

Our mold removal Charlotte team starts of with a free visual inspection. The knowledgeable technicians we employ know exactly where to look for mold and the signs of it. From the pungent odor to the crumbling dry wall, if you have mold we will find it.

Then we begin the job by lining the afflicted area with antibacterial plastic. It ensures that any escaping spores will not make it out and begin a new colony elsewhere.

Then we pump stale air out, and bring fresh air in using state of the art HEPA HVAC systems. Clean air is exactly what is needed to both clear the mind and the living space.

Finally, we fix any type of leak or problems that created the humidity to begin with, while drying out the space using high efficient dehumidifiers. Lowering the ambient moisture will expedite the drying procedure, so that you can live mold free sooner.

Call our mold removal Charlotte team with 911 Restoration Charlotte if you are in need of our services today!

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"Hello Tim: Want to relay to you that thus far we are very pleased with your response time, the workers work ethic and quick to move on making our client ( Mr. Smith ) happy with your services.

When our clients are happy, we are happy. Things are moving well with Central Ins Co and I hope you find them a pleasure to work with. I will recommend you to my co-workers. We appreciate you placing your business insurance with our agency as well."

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