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Water Damage Mount Holly

Water damage is a major contributor to loss of property and possessions for homeowners because as soon as the porous surfaces of your home soak up enough unwanted water they begin breaking down through destructive processes like the warping and rotting of wood, so before complete deterioration occurs and repair costs skyrocket contact our water damage Charlotte team at 911 Restoration so we can direct our water damage Mount Holly specialists to your home in 45 minutes or less. Water damage comes in many, forms from something as seemingly innocent as a water spot to an all-out flooding disaster involving category 3 water, but regardless of the source fast reaction time and decisive action by trained professionals is essential to keep problems from worsening. That is why at 911 Restoration our water damage Mount Holly technicians are truly on-call and available 24/7 no matter what water damage restoration services you’re in need of:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Toilet overflows
  • Plumbing problems
  • Flooded crawlspace
  • Washer hose bursts
  • Roof leaks
  • Pipe bursts
  • Mold remediation

Even something as simple as a water spot can be a sign of a bigger problem such as mold, so call us at the first sign of any water damage. We’ll fix the problem fast and then a water damage Mount Holly expert will give your home a thorough free inspection to look for additional signs of mold. Some of the components of your home where mold often hides include:

  • Roof insulation
  • Furniture fabric
  • Drywall
  • Ceiling tile
  • Carpets

We have special state of the art equipment that checks for moisture and mold in the area even if it is not visible. And if we find anything, we have the knowledge and the expertise to eliminate all signs of mold fast so that your health is not affected. Your health is just as important as your home and at 911 Restoration we’ll take care of both, so don’t wait for mold growth to occur, call our water damage Mount Holly team today!

Does Water Damage Cause Mold?

Our water damage Mount Holly technicians have seen through decades of experience in the restoration industry the devastating effects of mold and with this in mind, we recommend you contact 911 Restoration at the first sign of any water damage because pooling water that stagnates for 24-48 hours or less will cause mold. For example, if your toilet overflows and the mess is not cleaned up fast and properly, the microorganisms in the grey water may multiply and mold and mildew become a real possibility. That is because even standing water can turn into a category 3 water emergency, which our water damage Mount Holly team can help you with. In fact, we’re experts at addressing all categories of water:

  • Category 1 – “clean water” that is non-threatening, like pipe bursts
  • Category 2 – “grey water” containing microorganisms, like a toilet bowl
  • Category 3 – “black water” that is toxic, like standing water or seawater

Mold is toxic and can lead to various health problems for you and your family, including asthma, allergies and difficulty breathing. With that said call our water damage Mount Holly team immediately for any emergency, especially if the problem has to do with your sewage system. Not only will mold affect your health but it can also affect your home because many insurance companies don’t pay out on mold claims. Luckily at 911 Restoration we specialize in getting insurance claims covered and providing our customers with the most affordable rates in the industry for non-covered items so don’t wait and call our water damage Mount Holly team now!

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?

A homeowner’s insurance policy covers water damage in many cases such as when you experience a burst pipe, burst water main or sink problem but our water damage Mount Holly also recommends preventive maintenance and supplemental coverage in order to be fully covered. Maintaining your home’s plumbing and pipes and avoiding mold in the first place looks great to an insurance carrier and will show that you are a homeowner that takes care of their property. Additionally, flood insurance is a great way to increase coverage if you live near local water like Mount Holly. Mount Holly, North Carolina is a small suburban city in Northeast Gaston County that is situated just west of the Catawba River. And while the natives of this area were originally called “the people of the river”, the locals that live there today want nothing more than to keep their homes free of water damage. At 911 Restoration we want the same thing for you and your family and it shows, so for the company that takes care of you contact our water damage Mount Holly team today!

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