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Water Damage Stanley

Water damage refers to homeowners losses after water saturates porous materials of your residence that are essential to its foundation like walls and floors, causing destruction to them by processes like delamination, rusting and warping, so to avoid devastation to your home and its integrity call our water damage Charlotte team at 911 Restoration for fast, efficient service from one of our highly-trained water damage Stanley technicians. Our 24/7 availability, same day service and 45-minute response to calls in the area means that no matter what emergency you experience or when it occurs, we’ll be on-call and ready to take care of you. Our water damage Stanley experts have 35 years of experience in water damage restoration solutions, specializing in problems like:

  • Roof leaks
  • Toilet overflow
  • Flooded crawlspace
  • Water heater leaks
  • Washer hose bursts
  • Mold infestation
  • Pipe bursts

When it comes to dealing with any of the above household issues, at 911 Restoration our water damage Stanley professionals only use the latest state-of-the-art equipment on the market to ensure that emergencies get handled right the first time. In our experience we’ve seen poorly treated category 2 water spills escalate into black water problems in just a day or two, so call us immediately if you have water damage because we effectively eliminate all categories of unwanted water:

  • Category 1 water – clean water which comes from water line sources (pipes, tubs, sinks)
  • Category 2 water – grey water which contains microorganisms (toilet bowls with urine, washer hose bursts)
  • Category 3 water – black water that is toxic to humans (standing water, seawater, local body of water)

Even a simple roof leak can result in a puddle of standing water that eventually can become category 3 water containing mold and mildew. Don’t let things escalate. Call our water damage Stanley team today and let us fix your roof leak or pipe burst before things get out of hand!

How Do I Prevent Water Damage from a Pipe Burst?

Our water damage Stanley team knows from experience that a pipe burst can be just as devastating to a home as a flood, so at 911 Restoration we recommend that in the event of a pipe burst in order to prevent as much damage as possible the homeowner locates the main water line to the home and shuts it off completely. While one of our specialists races over to your home, another technician will speak with you over the phone and provide you with other steps to take to prevent damage from a burst pipe in Stanley such as:

  • Unplug electronics in the affected area
  • Shut off the electricity to your home
  • Clear an area for our water damage Stanley team
  • Keep all family members away
  • Relocate furniture, if wet or damp

Once we arrive, we’ll fix your problem fast and then assess the situation for additional damage, possible mold growth as well as coverage probability. We truly go above and beyond our competitions because we’re simply the best, so call us today and let 911 Restoration show you exactly why we’re the best!

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Stanley?

The best water damage company in Stanley is 911 Restoration Charlotte because we always put our customers first and our water damage Stanley team is committed to keeping our clients’ homes free of unwanted water. We’ve been living and working in the city for nearly four decades so we can honestly say that we love Stanley and its citizens. Stanley, North Carolina is a wonderful town in Gaston County that is small in size as well as population, but our team at 911 Restoration knows all too well from experience that even a humble community of less than 4,000 residents needs fast, same-day restoration assistance the moment an emergency strikes. Stanley is truly a great place to live, so much so that the town’s motto is “a friendly place.” Our water damage Stanley specialists are all committed to keeping the city great by providing only the best and fastest restoration service in the industry. So the next time you have a burst pipe or your toilet overflows and you want the best, pick up the phone and call our water damage Stanley team at 911 Restoration today!

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