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Dealing With Ice in Charlotte – What if 2021’s Icy Winter Storm Happens Again?

Published by Allegra on October 28, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

dealing with ice and winter stormsCold weather and storms can pose a great threat to property and homeowners. Ice, snow, and sleet can play havoc with your roof, walkways, and driveways. Charlotte’s frequent freeze and thaw cycles can lead to many property damages, such as frozen pipes and leaks causing water damage to houses.

Winter storm damage is serious and requires quick action to deal with the damage. It is essential to protect your property as soon as possible before the damage worsens.

At 911Restoration, we have helped hundreds of Charlotte’s residential owners to deal with disasters related to winter storms. Years of experience have taught us that when property owners plan and know how to deal with winter storms fast, it lessens the effects of the disaster.

Here are seven steps to help you deal with the disaster and keep the damage to a minimum.

Common Types of Winter Storm Damage Homeowners Face

Other than ice and snow damage to properties, here are a few other common disasters that you might end up facing if you don’t follow preventative measures.

Flooding– Ice and snow can damage pipes and cause them to burst. This would lead to water damage in the house and flooded areas that would need emergency restoration by 911 Restoration.

Roof leaks– winter comes with ice, snowstorms, ice dams, hail, and high winds, and all these cause water damage to property. Ice on the roof would eventually start to melt as the temperatures rise, and ice dams would block drainage pipes resulting in water being directed to your home.

Due to unattended fireplaces and space heaters plugged into overloaded outlets, fires are common reasons why houses catch fire during the winter season.

How to Deal with Damaged Property?

It can be chaotic when a storm strikes, and many homeowners don’t know what to do next. During this overwhelming time, it would help you to call 911Restoration. But before that, here are seven immediate actions to take when you’re facing a winter storm-related disaster.

1.    Stay Calm

It is a normal human response to freak out and feels overwhelmed when a disaster strikes. But this can only make the situation worse. Instead, train yourself to take a few deep breaths to think straight and take the next following steps to keep everyone safe. It is important to act quickly but make good decisions. Carefully assess the situation and then take action.

2.    Ensure Your Family’s Safety

When your property has been damaged, it puts your family at risk. To ensure your family is okay and safe, gather everyone and move out of the affected area. Do the headcount to make sure everyone is there.

If the damage to the property is severe, call up a relative or friend close to arrange a temporary place for you and your family to stay in while the restoration company fixes your property.

3.    Turn Off Power and Water to Affected Areas

Turn off the main power and water source to reduce the risk of fire and water damage to property. During winter storms, leaks or floods from damaged pipes can destroy the property further. While leaving electricity on can cause fires. Hence, you should know the locations of the main valves and breakers so you don’t panic when disaster strikes.

4.    Document Any Losses

As soon as the storm subsides and things seem a little calmer, make a detailed note of all the things affected by the storm. Include all the furniture items, equipment, documents, and other valuables. This documentation would help you make insurance claims and obtain replacements. Take photos of everything, too, just for added proof.

5.    Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance agent to get the process of filing the claim started. Wait for the adjuster to come to the property and document what happened. Show them all the pictures of the storm and the damage to property as proof to make a claim more authentic.

6.    Remove Property from Damaged Areas

As soon as you have documented everything, remove your belongings that were not damaged out of the danger zone to minimize further damage. Keep in mind that a reputable restoration company like 911 Restoration can often help restore these items as well as the building itself.

7.    Keep All Receipts and Documentation

Once the restoration process begins, you’ll end up with a lot of paperwork. Keep all of this safe in a folder for future use. You can even create an online file to access it anywhere at any time.

Call 911 Restoration in Case of Emergency!

Knowing what to do in such stressful times is essential to handling winter storms and ice damage effectively. That is why choose a reputable restoration company in Charlotte that would help you restore your property hassle-free and be a helping hand during this difficult time. Our professional and empathetic staff would take care of your property. Contact us now at (980) 216-4007 for more information about our restoration services!

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