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Sewage Backup and Cleanup in Charlotte

Sewage Restoration VanCharlotte has a sparkling reputation as a clean and beautiful city. Nevertheless, properties in Charlotte, Concord, and the surrounding area can still fall victim to the ugliness of a sewage backup. In fact, local homes and businesses are even more at risk of sewage and toilet water backup, no thanks to heavy rainfall and hurricanes. When rain floods the sewer system, raw sewage has nowhere to go except up through your pipes and into your property.

A sewage backup is unpleasant, unhealthy, and potentially damaging to the structure of your home or business. Not to mention, it’s upsetting to see black water invade the peaceful property you’ve worked so hard to establish and maintain. Call us at 980-216-4007 and allow us to provide a free visual inspection.

The friendly technicians at 911 Restoration of Charlotte understand all of this. What’s more, they approach your crisis as if it were their own. They work fast to minimize your damage, and they don’t leave until every square inch of the flooded area has been dried, sanitized, and repaired.

Every member of the sewage cleanup staff is IICRC certified and highly trained to handle any and every aspect of black water removal. We also work with all types of insurance and provide a free insurance consultation to help you understand your coverage so you know exactly which services are covered by your provider. If you insurance covers sewage water cleanup, staff will even file your claim for you and bill your provider directly.

Above all, 911 Restoration of Charlotte seeks to bring you immediate peace of mind. That’s why our staff is available 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter when disaster strikes; you can always reach out to 911 Restoration and someone will take your call. Technicians even guarantee a 45 minute arrival time. In other words, you could call right now and a sewage water cleanup expert will be at your door within the hour. Call us at 980-216-4007 and see how we can help.

No matter how extensive your sewage backup is, your property can be restored to its former glory fast and under budget. Call us today and let our expert technicians prove what they can do.


Emergency Sewage Restoration

Sewage Removal Van OperationsLike any type of water damage, sewage and toilet water pose a greater threat to your health and property the longer they’re allowed to linger. Immediate action is absolutely necessary to prevent bacteria-infested water from seeping into the structures of your home, weakening wood, contaminating carpets, and even absorbing into concrete.

When you call 911 Restoration of Charlotte, experienced sewage water cleanup technicians are at your door in less than an hour. They pack and store any belongings that can still be salvaged, then they remove the sewage and sanitize the area. They closely inspect for both mold and permanent damage to your flooring, carpet, or drywall. If any part of your property has been damaged beyond repair, the sewage cleanup staff will even tear the damage out and replace it with new material.

When the sewage cleanup technicians leave your property, they do so with full confidence that every step has been taken to recover your home or business in every sense of the word. Sewage removal isn’t good enough for them. They’re determined to leave your property in better-than-new condition.

At 911 Restoration of Charlotte, we believe every property disaster is an opportunity to breathe new life into your property. We don’t just want to solve your problem; we want to make the problem feel like the first step towards a Fresh Start. Call us at 980-216-4007

Contact us now and let our expert sewage water cleanup team make your property new again.

Protecting Your Property With Full-Service Raw Sewage Cleanup

Water and Mold Removal EquipmentA sewage water backup is not only an unpleasant presence; it also brings viruses, parasites, and bacteria into your home or business. Without expert removal, these hazardous microorganisms can be left behind, potentially spreading illness to both humans and pets.

All sewage cleanup specialists at 911 Restoration have achieved IICRC certification, qualifying them to handle raw sewage safely. They know how to remove black water from your home or business without spreading the contamination throughout the space. They also sanitize every square inch and follow up with a mold inspection to ensure toilet water damage has not led to toxic mold growth.

Charlotte’s muggy summers are especially likely to encourage mold infestations anywhere moisture is present. If the sewage cleanup team discovers a colony, they remove it promptly and carefully.

A sewage backup can cause terrible odors and permanent damage. However, the right water cleanup company knows how to remediate these damages and make your property feel the way it did the day you first moved in.

For a truly Fresh Start, call 911 Restoration of Charlotte. We can’t wait to hear from you. Our number is 980-216-4007 and we are always on stand by waiting to help.


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